In life, our home is our castle, our place of rest, and our place of safety for ourselves and our families and friends. As homeowners we sometimes experience unfortunate events that change those dynamics in a moment. Whether it be a pipe leak, a minor or major flood, a fire, we all as homeowners experience one thing in common, the ease with which to handle that problem with the click of button. Our lives and technology are changing at light speed every day, and why shouldn’t we need assistance during these unfortunate events to keep pace our fast paced lives. Don’t worry, pipe leak, flood, fire, duct cleaning, HVAC repair, and much more is EZ!

Why use EZ to send a professional environmental services company to your home when asbestos/mold lead hazards may be present?

1. With any flood, pipe, leak or fire, building materials in your home become affected and their structural integrity compromised.
2. The plumbing vendors on EZ understand the hazards, and want your home to be handled correctly, and only refer licensed, and experienced environmental companies to handle your needs.
3. The EZ plumber will quickly through our network of vendors, refer in an environmental testing company to perform sampling of the affected building materials in your home, like your drywall for instance. If results come back positive for any of the hazards mentioned above, an environmental abatement specialist will be contacted immediately and sent to your home or will call to schedule immediately and schedule according to your wishes. We always have someone closest to your door to meet those needs.
4. Abatement must be handled correctly as the tasks I mentioned above are regulated by the OSHA, EPA, and local EPA agencies like Air Quality Management District or Air Pollution Control District inspectors. Work most often must be permitted through these agencies and handled with the strictest of care and proper disposal of any hazards is as well….remember the government considers you the “owner from cradle to grave” of any hazardous waste removed from your home, no matter what the reason.
5. Regulations like OSHA 1504, NESHAP, 1403, 1206, DTOC, can all look like a bunch of numbers and letters to most homeowners, but we guide through them all. Truth is, Asbestos/Lead/Mold can be hazards to the health of you and your loved ones, so quality, cleanliness, and experience are all crucial when deciding who to use. If handled incorrectly you as the owner as well as the owner can face fines up to $100,000, and a minimum of $10,000 per day in some instances. But don’t worry our goal is to make all that EZ!
6. Some abatement involved tasks, as a result of flood or fire that we make EZ for you:

  • Environmental initial survey/testing
  • Regulatory notification(s), and fees
  • Scheduling with a professional immediately
  • Legal disposal of hazardous materials as required by state and federal regulations.
  • Accurate and streamlined manifesting of all hazardous construction waste removed from your home.
  • Clean, safe, quality work, and always 100% OSHA compliant.
  • 3rd party on site environmental clearance testing to ensure that all work areas and the abatement scope of work performed has been completed at or above acceptable industry standards so you can get back in your home quickly, safely, and EZily.
  • Certificate of completion, for your records, and/or your insurance company records, that the entire abatement process was completed.