Turn Competition / Marketers

In every market weather its plumbing, electrical, or even landscaping there is some level of competition in every industry. Sadly enough some companies will book a job knowingly they are not capable to complete and outsource it to another company. These type of situations happen daily meanwhile the consumer cost rises up 30% so everyone can eat. Our goal at EZ is to have all contractors unite and refer proper jobs to the company that can complete the task without driving the cost up to
the consumer. Companies don’t realize how much we can benefit from uniting and belong to a trusted circle that refers back and forth to each other.

Save Market Cost For Direct Referral

In our industry everyone is competing for the same work. On the daily owners of companies are waking up with charges on there credit cards to numerous marketers with a 5% click through rate just to get the initial call. Then once the call comes through you have to sell yourself over the phone to book the call. After job is processed we all sit back and cross our fingers on weather or not the job (lead) is a quality lead or a bogus lead. Meanwhile we are being charged for the lead positive or negative. Our goal at EZ. Is to unite the proper contractor with the proper lead from the get go!

Keep Money Local

Many of us live in communities that we respect and enjoy living in. Weather or not we realize it we pay dearly to live in our community. EZ is a firm believer that our money should stay local. We have been forced to advertise outside of our community to get the volume of work we need to survive. We as contractors have been handcuffed to try and work around the system to make things work. Since when have we had to spend hundreds of dollars for one call. We need to bring the old ways back. Word of mouth in our city or town. What better advertisement than word of mouth. At one point you made an impression on a customer that stuck with them to refer you to their, neighbor, friend or family member etc. EZ is able to create a profile for repeat business years down the road. Ez sticks behind its word with a massive infrastructure, 24/7 support and good qualified leads, put your money where your mouth is with EZ. IT’S EZ

Go Green

Weather or not companies realize it or not, we are driving way to far out of the way to do a simple job. I personally have been in the industry over 25 years and have driven 20 miles for a $100 call, and or have shown up to a job that didn’t have a problem at all. Ultimately I have wasted my time, fuel, and our environment in the process. If all of us as contractors unite we can pull the same dollar figures from our own back yard without waist.

Reduce OPP Expenses

In every business we carry operating expenses. From the office space, to the electric bill, to employees. Insurances, fuel etc. These costs are at the door weather we like it or not. How do we reduce these expenses? EZ referral wants to unite the closest qualified contractor with the consumer with a touch of a button. This eliminates elevated advertisement cost, costly fuel, wear and tear on our vehicles, roadways etc. Think about how efficient it would be able to reach a plumber, electrician, water damage company that is possibly in your own neighborhood.